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I want to know more about investment and property, as an alternative to super

Want to invest, but don’t know where to start?

Whether you’re investing to save for a longer-term goal, children's education, kicking off savings for your grandchildren or simply spreading your current investments across many areas, your Skylight adviser can help by diversifying your investments and investment types to help reduce risk and not be restricted by various rules that super has in place. If you want to spread your investments further, we can provide you with access to a range of options which will help meet your needs. We can assist you to achieve your goals using a range of investment types and strategies, taking you through each step from the initial discussion to the implementation of the advice. At Skylight, we have access to a broad range of providers for investments who invest in a range of areas that can help you grow your wealth in a flexible, tax effective way, there are many choices open to you

We have compiled the services below as recommendations tailored for you

  • Investing Outside of Superannuation
  • Mortgage Lending and Refinancing
  • Real Estate Analysis
  • Personal Cash Flow Management
  • Investment Consulting
  • 360 Degree Financial Review
  • Taxation

Investing Outside of Superannuation

The most rapid growth of personal wealth will come from an investment strategy underpinned by diversity and risk reduction.

The best long-term investment strategies involve spreading risk across a range of investment types to make the most of cyclical markets, investment trends and tax breaks.

Mortgage Lending and Refinancing

Real estate is probably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so it is critical that the associated mortgage or subsequent refinancing must be on the best terms and at the best rates possible.

Many home loans are taken over 30 years, and this can add up to a lot of interest that you have to repay. By taking steps to review your loan it can help save you, and your family, significant amounts of money.

Real Estate Analysis

Getting the right advice from an industry expert when you are about to buy or invest in property, can mean tens of thousands of dollars in your favour.

At Skylight we have access to reliable, independent real estate analysis data and tools that can make thousands of dollars difference to your property transactions whether you’re buying or selling.

Personal Cash Flow Management

Quality personal cash flow management = quality lifestyle opportunities.

An ever changing world accompanied by changing personal circumstances means a need to stay informed and on top of your cash flow management. Fortunately, there are lots of tools available to optimise your cash flow.

Investment Consulting

Balancing risk and reward for the short and long-term is a skill we sometimes need a little assistance with.

Investment decisions are increasingly taken against a background of escalating market volatility as a result of rapid changes to businesses, unstable financial markets and variable asset performance.

360 Degree Financial Review

We all run the risk of thinking our investments are performing at their best all the time.

Sometime another set of eyes will provide clarity and an unbiased view. So, are your investments really tracking as well as you think they are? Set and forget is one of the poorest investment approaches you can employ. Markets move and you need to be ahead of the game.


The more tax you save, the more you will have to invest.

We should all pay the exact amount of tax we are liable for and not one cent more. The secret is knowing what we are liable for and what tax we can reduce.

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