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  • Claiming Your Superannuation in Retirement
  • Claiming Your Superannuation in Financial Distress
  • Claiming Your Superannuation in Illness or Death
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  • Superannuation for Employers
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Making the job of choosing the right super fund for you an easy task.

Your Skylight specialist is on hand to help you choose the super fund that is right for you and your family, taking into consideration any other investments you may have.

Choosing a Super Fund

Choosing a super fund – one of the most tax effective ways to secure your future financial aspirations.

Fees and charges can erode even the most well performing fund. Skylight has access to detailed information, not only on performance, but on fees and charges and performance trends over time of just about all Australia’s superannuation funds.

Claiming Your Superannuation in Retirement

There are many ways to access your super, some better than others.

Your super can be the most tax-effective opportunity available both before and after you retire. By taking advice in this area you can be sure of making the best decision.

Claiming Your Superannuation in Financial Distress

In times of unexpected financial difficulty, you may be surprised to learn that it is possible to access some of your super to meet life’s emergencies.

At Skylight we have experts who deal on a day-to-day basis with people wishing to claim some of their super to relieve financial stress.

Claiming Your Superannuation in Illness or Death

Charting a tailored path through a raft of potential financial solutions in a health emergency is more than just simply accessing immediate funds.

At Skylight, we understand the pressures that a health emergency can bring. We’re here to assist you to make comprehensive decisions across the full range of options available to you now and for your future.

Superannuation for Retirement

Growing your wealth in a tax-effective environment.

Our Skylight experts have a unique expertise when it comes to providing you with clear and unbiased direction about your super for retirement. We can bring to light any areas that you may not have thought about.

Superannuation for Employers

Are you ahead of the game when it comes to super for your employees?

The super you provide your employees’ can mean you’ll attract the best people for the same money if you manage it well. Go beyond compliance a be an employer of choice using super as strategic tool.

First Home Super Saver Scheme

Get into your first home sooner with the First Home Super Saver Scheme.

At Skylight we work with you and your preferred providers (if you have any) to grow your first home deposit as quickly as possible.

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