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Legal Services and Support

Legal and support service your finger tips!

At Skylight we have close working relationships with external partners who specialise in legal services and support.

Centrelink Assist

Dealing with the endless paperwork that is Centrelink can be deterring.

If you have ever dealt with Centrelink before, you may already be aware of how time consuming it can be. If it is your first time in dealing with them, it can be daunting.

Help with Centrelink

You’ve got better things to do with your time than wait on a phone or stand in a queue for hours to get answers about Centrelink’s benefits and payments.

We all hear about the difficulties you have to endure when trying to call or visit Centrelink. You can short circuit the process simply by talking to your Skylight adviser who is qualified to provide you with the right answers.

Illness and Death Support

Having the right structures in place ahead of an unexpected major health event can ease the burden on you and your family members and lessen the financial stress.

It’s worth taking the time, well ahead of time, to put your wishes in writing should a major health issue arise. Then, if the unexpected does happen, life will be made a lot easier for you and for those close to you.

Estate Planning

You rarely know when your time is up, which means some careful thought needs to take place to get your estate planning set up right.

Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, and there are so many variables when it comes to getting your financial affairs in order.

Your Skylight estate planning expert can provide this assurance with a suite of detailed, binding and enforceable documents that all work together.

Administrative Burden of Losing a Loved One

The burden of loss of a loved one is bad enough, and the last thing you need at that time is to handle the often complex responsibilities that may fall to you.

Preparing ahead of an unfortunate or unexpected loss of a loved one can substantially reduce the burden that inevitably occurs at a time of emotional upheaval.

Counselling Support

We all believe we are masters of our own destiny until a critical happening leaves us with gaps in our knowledge and a lot of loose ends.

It is unusual for someone acting outside of their core area of expertise to fully master another discipline. Counselling support from someone who can supplement your knowledge when you need to make critical decisions about your finances and your future is imperative.

Financial Distress Support

Financial distress can come in many forms and each may need a different solution.

Dealing with financial distress requires an immediate solution that does not leave a financial burden as a legacy.

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