360 Degree Financial Review

We all run the risk of thinking our investments are performing at their best all the time.

Sometime another set of eyes will provide clarity and an unbiased view. So, are your investments really tracking as well as you think they are? Set and forget is one of the poorest investment approaches you can employ. Markets move and you need to be ahead of the game.

When you are focussing on the everyday, it’s easy not to give your investment strategy a second thought once it’s in place. It pays to step back once in a while, and look at how your investments are tracking. In other words, give it a 360 degree financial review.

When a 360 degree financial review or second opinion is required, your Skylight adviser is on hand to provide you with advice about how your investment strategy is tracking against your goals.

This may mean a simple confirmation of what you are doing is going well and is on track to meet your financial goals. Alternatively, it could mean some tweaking needs to happen so that it keeps pace with your expectations.

Either way, you are assured of an expert and friendly second opinion and/or advice.

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