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Banking and Credit

Skylight prides itself on providing an innovative, one-stop-shop to work with you to help you make informed decisions on your banking and credit product selections.

More than ever before, in a deregulated banking market, choice is king. Do you have all the information necessary to get the best banking and credit deals?


Most of us find it difficult to get through life without a loan of some sort.

When the time comes you want the loan that’s right for you and your situation. Whether it be a mortgage, personal loans, credit cards or overdraft your Skylight adviser will work with you to determine the type of facility that will best meet your requirements and if you need it, refer you to an external strategic partner who can provide advice around specific loan products.

Mortgage Lending and Refinancing

Real estate is probably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so it is critical that the associated mortgage or subsequent refinancing must be on the best terms and at the best rates possible.

Many home loans are taken over 30 years, and this can add up to a lot of interest that you have to repay. By taking steps to review your loan it can help save you, and your family, significant amounts of money.

Paying Off a Loan

Retire your debt well before you retire.

Reducing debt as early as possible is one of the key pillars to financial security. However, it must be balanced out against tax effective decisions, investment strategies and lifestyle balance.

Education and Training Loans

Good education and training usually translates into better than average earning potential.

Is it time you sat back and took a good look at your skills, your business and how well you are doing? One smart option to get ahead financially is to strengthen your training and education.

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