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Starting Work

Whether you are about to start work for the first time or simply changing jobs, there are many things you can do to not only make sure your pay packet goes further, but also save a bit as well.

At Skylight, we can not only show you how to get your banking set up, manage your cashflow so you have more to buy the things you want, but we can help you set up a simple savings plan, so you can also achieve the bigger things in life. Your Skylight specialist is on hand to work with you and provide you with access to countless options that won't hurt your hip pocket and will make life less stressful.

We have compiled the services below as recommendations tailored for you

  • Choosing a Super Fund
  • Banking and Credit
  • Budgeting and Saving
  • Employment Contracts
  • Joining a Union
  • Life, Accident and Injury Insurance
  • Assistance to Get Work

Choosing a Super Fund

Choosing a super fund – one of the most tax effective ways to secure your future financial aspirations.

Fees and charges can erode even the most well performing fund. Skylight has access to detailed information, not only on performance, but on fees and charges and performance trends over time of just about all Australia’s superannuation funds.

Banking and Credit

Skylight prides itself on providing an innovative, one-stop-shop to work with you to help you make informed decisions on your banking and credit product selections.

More than ever before, in a deregulated banking market, choice is king. Do you have all the information necessary to get the best banking and credit deals?

Budgeting and Saving

You save right? But do you know there are options available to you to make your money work even harder than you do?

At Skylight our budgeting and saving experts can provide you with the right tools and expertise when it comes to making the most out of your budgeting and saving strategies.

Employment Contracts

Creating or reviewing an employment contract can be a time consuming process.

At Skylight we have access to experts in this field who are on hand to work with you to create your ideal employment contract.

Joining a Union

Are you getting the most out of your Union membership?

Your Skylight adviser is on hand to help you assess the benefits or otherwise of your union membership.

Life, Accident and Injury Insurance

The best laid financial plans can be catastrophically derailed by a major disruption to your life, your health or your ability to earn.

Fortunately, catastrophic events in your life can be covered by insurance which is widely available and generally very cost-effective when you consider the consequences.

Assistance to Get Work

Broaden your search options when it comes to your career.

Skylight’s experts are on hand to help you when it comes to broadening your search options, so you can achieve your perfect employment.

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