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Planning Retirement

Retirement planning doesn’t start the minute you retire – it should start now!

Good retirement planning begins well before you finish working, and the earlier you start, the easier you’ll find it is to achieve the lifestyle you want. At Skylight we have a team of professionals that are on hand to guide you through your options when it comes to planning for your retirement. Whether it’s choosing an appropriate savings strategy either inside or outside of your superannuation, helping you make the most of a tax-effective income via a pension (even before you fully retire), claiming your super at retirement, or developing an appropriate estate plan to protect your family, your Skylight specialist is only a phone call away.

We have compiled the services below as recommendations tailored for you

  • Superannuation
  • Budgeting and Saving
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Legal Services and Support
  • Comfortable Retirement Lifestyles


Making the job of choosing the right super fund for you an easy task.

Your Skylight specialist is on hand to help you choose the super fund that is right for you and your family, taking into consideration any other investments you may have.

Budgeting and Saving

You save right? But do you know there are options available to you to make your money work even harder than you do?

At Skylight our budgeting and saving experts can provide you with the right tools and expertise when it comes to making the most out of your budgeting and saving strategies.

Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance – the worst strategy is to set and forget your cover.

As the cost of private health insurance increases the most obvious place to look for savings is to change your mix of cover to suit your life stage without increasing risk.

Legal Services and Support

Legal and support service your finger tips!

At Skylight we have close working relationships with external partners who specialise in legal services and support.

Comfortable Retirement Lifestyles

You work hard, providing for your family and contributing to your community.

You deserve to look forward to a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle in retirement. Having a clear retirement plan can be daunting given the amount of conflicting advice out there. However, you won’t get there unless you set clear retirement lifestyle goals, plan well ahead and start the process sooner rather than later.

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