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Getting Married

If marriage is on your horizon then now is the time to talk to your Skylight specialist.

Exciting times ahead! Marriage is an important milestone in your life. It’s also an ideal time to take a fresh look at your finances and make an up-to-date plan that’s right for you both. Your Skylight specialist can help you with things like developing an easy savings plan for your wedding, and if you are then looking to buy a home we’ll assist you in finding the best loan for your mortgage, as well as informing you about the First Home Super Saver Scheme. We’ll ensure you have each other’s back if something unforeseen happens and much, much more.

We have compiled the services below as recommendations tailored for you

  • Superannuation
  • Loans
  • Banking and Credit
  • Budgeting and Saving
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Life, Accident and Injury Insurance
  • Legal Services and Support
  • Paying Off a Loan
  • Taxation


Making the job of choosing the right super fund for you an easy task.

Your Skylight specialist is on hand to help you choose the super fund that is right for you and your family, taking into consideration any other investments you may have.


Most of us find it difficult to get through life without a loan of some sort.

When the time comes you want the loan that’s right for you and your situation. Whether it be a mortgage, personal loans, credit cards or overdraft your Skylight adviser will work with you to determine the type of facility that will best meet your requirements and if you need it, refer you to an external strategic partner who can provide advice around specific loan products.

Banking and Credit

Skylight prides itself on providing an innovative, one-stop-shop to work with you to help you make informed decisions on your banking and credit product selections.

More than ever before, in a deregulated banking market, choice is king. Do you have all the information necessary to get the best banking and credit deals?

Budgeting and Saving

You save right? But do you know there are options available to you to make your money work even harder than you do?

At Skylight our budgeting and saving experts can provide you with the right tools and expertise when it comes to making the most out of your budgeting and saving strategies.

Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance – the worst strategy is to set and forget your cover.

As the cost of private health insurance increases the most obvious place to look for savings is to change your mix of cover to suit your life stage without increasing risk.

Life, Accident and Injury Insurance

The best laid financial plans can be catastrophically derailed by a major disruption to your life, your health or your ability to earn.

Fortunately, catastrophic events in your life can be covered by insurance which is widely available and generally very cost-effective when you consider the consequences.

Legal Services and Support

Legal and support service your finger tips!

At Skylight we have close working relationships with external partners who specialise in legal services and support.

Paying Off a Loan

Retire your debt well before you retire.

Reducing debt as early as possible is one of the key pillars to financial security. However, it must be balanced out against tax effective decisions, investment strategies and lifestyle balance.


The more tax you save, the more you will have to invest.

We should all pay the exact amount of tax we are liable for and not one cent more. The secret is knowing what we are liable for and what tax we can reduce.

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