Skylight provides financial solutions for wherever you are in life, so you can live AND build your best future.

Skylight Financial Solutions was built by BUSSQ Super, which has over 30 years' experience assisting members to achieve superior retirement outcomes. We saw a need to provide families in and around building, construction and civil with better, more affordable financial solutions, and from this Skylight was born.

It’s called Skylight because sometimes help is needed to light the way, while other times the sky’s the limit.

Best of all, profits don’t go to shareholders; they go back into running and building the organisation to deliver for families in the industry. It’s about helping people live a better life today while building their biggest and brightest tomorrow.

From simple banking and budgeting tools to complex financial strategies, Skylight provides a full range of financial solutions that will all make your hard work, work even harder for you.

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